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ASC Sponsors 2017

ASC welcomes the generous support of our sponsors for 2017. Their continuing support allows ASC to offer a varied programme of events and keep ticket prices low at those events we charge for.

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If you are interested in supporting our work by becoming a sponsor for 2016, please visit the sponsorship page for more information.


Simplicity is complexity well done.

We and our clients have this in common: we all believe that Askia has the best market research software in the industry. And the best support team behind it. Software is only one component of the offering. Our software range has been evolving thanks to the drive of our clients, industry leaders by their size or their willingness to adopt new technologies.

We offer easy to use yet sophisticated questionnaire design; for data collection, we provide telephone, mobile, web, face-to-face and multi-modal options, each available via the same powerful administration platform; our data processing and delivery products are spearheaded by online and offline statistical analysis tools. If you include our APIs and our Panel & Community management platform, Platform One, then you have a grasp on what Askia is all about!

Everything comes with a straightforward and beautiful interface that you can find your way around in minutes. Simplicity is complexity well done.








Cobalt Sky

Proud winners of the MRS Operational Excellence award 2014.

Providing top quality IT services to the MR industry, Cobalt Sky:

  • Script and manage web surveys
  • Process the data into tables
  • Deliver dashboards
  • Provide analytics

We exemplify quality, customer focus and technical excellence proven by our KPIs for “right, on time, first time delivery” and customer satisfaction. Of 230+ web surveys conducted in the past 12 months we scored 99.7% on both measures.

We put customers first, helping them do their job while we take care of operations. We have our own respondent engaging survey “overlay” that eliminates standard radio-buttons. Every survey is tailored to a specific client/project and no two surveys look the same. Our surveys are optimised for mobile devices, without increasing the cost or set-up time, or affecting the quality of the data.

If a client wants something new our programmers develop it, enabling them to stand out from their competitors. We have built survey solutions for non-traditional online methodologies, often blurring the line between quantitative and qualitative research.

We work on:

  • Flexible concept tests
  • Implicit Response testing
  • Word and image highlighting
  • Interactive package design
  • Gamification
  • And constantly designing new, better ways of presenting traditional question types.

We uniquely cross-train our scripters in DP, ensuring a broader understanding of MR as a whole and that they never lose sight of the data as a deliverable.

We encourage innovation and efficiency, disseminating best practise at regular workshops, ensuring the best possible value for our clients.








DataExpert – As the largest independent data processing company in Central-Europe, we provide advanced operations support across all sectors of market research.

We support our clients with high quality services in survey programming, data processing and data visualization.

We can provide consulting expertise for all survey types across every specialist research sector. We thrive in successfully delivering complex and multi-country research programs.

While being software independent, DataExpert has considerable expertise in the following tools and industry standard market research software platforms:

  • survey programming and hosting:
    • Unicom Intelligence (formerly Dimensions)
    • Nebu
    • Askia
    • Questback
    • Nipo
  • data management and data processing:
    • Unicom Intelligence (formerly Dimensions)
    • Nebu Data Hub
    • SPSS Statistics
    • SPSS Modeler
    • Askia
    • Merlin
    • Python
    • R
  • data visualization:
    • VBA language of Microsoft Office
    • E-tabs
    • Dapresy

We extend the standard capabilities of each tool through custom development. Our surveys are scripted to combine an attractive and flexible look and feel with the power to deliver complexity.

DataExpert is highly committed to deliver best in class services to our clients via professional dedication and consultancy based approach.

DataExpert is a proud member of ASC, an organization being the engine of innovation in our industry and consisting of people dedicated to further development of our professional community.






For Price, Productivity and Powerful Performance, Merlinco provide leading integrated survey software packages and services for agencies and clients in the private and public sectors:

  • Questionnaire design software
  • Survey management, coding, data entry
  • CATI, CAPI, online surveys
  • Surveys on Pads / Mobiles
  • Touchscreen / Kiosk data capture
  • The most powerful package for Tabulations: MERLIN
  • Data exploration on desktop and online
  • Conversions, links, and exports, including import of Quantum scripts
  • Production Department – high quality based on excellent people

Merlinco demonstrate excellence in value, support, flexibility, and productivity.

‘Merlinco – the right software choice’

Merlinco Limited, Tower Bridge Business Centre,  46 East Smithfield, London E1W 1AW










NebuProductsInfographic 500px

Nebu helps to automate and integrate market research processes by providing you cutting-edge solutions for:

  • data collection
  • data management
  • utilizing all your data, even from external sources.

Nebu’s vision, from the moment it was established 25 years ago, has always been to provide innovative IT solutions to the Market Research Industry. Nebu is a leading supplier of quantitative data collection software. Our CATI software is probably the most flexible solution on the planet, allowing you to manage interviews in mixed/multi mode from a single platform.

In response to increasing need for automation among our clients, the company decided to revise its vision and goals. “Collect – Manage – Utilize” is the paradigm that captures the new direction. Nebu’s new offering goes beyond data collection and dialing services. Now Nebu Data Suite delivers also data management and data processing capabilities, becoming a technology provider that supports and integrates the full market research process.

The company was founded in the Netherlands in 1992, and it has grown since then. Our team consists of 40 employees working in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary and Netherlands. Nebu has clients in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. We are committed to develop and provide innovative and effective software solutions to the Market Research companies.








Snap Surveys

Snap survey software continues to push the boundaries as a comprehensive survey tool for building questionnaires, collecting data, and publishing analyses and reports online and offline.

We are committed to providing our users with the highest levels of security for their data:

  • We are one of very few software companies with ISO 27001
  • Our hosted systems run at ISO 27001 certified datacentres located in the UK with secured physical access and CCTV monitoring.
  • All survey data is encrypted at rest – both on our servers and on mobile interviewing devices running our Snap Mobile Anywhere app.
  • All communications with our servers is secure (via https / SSL) by default.

Snap’s extensive questionnaire tools enable the construction of online, mobile, kiosk, and paper questionnaires in any language. Snap can publish adaptive questionnaires automatically choosing the appropriate edition depending on the size of the screen the respondent is using. They can incorporate sliders, star rating scales, click maps, video, and audio to stimulate respondents and ensure they remain engaged. Snap Mobile Anywhere is our specialised interviewing tool for field interviewers to collect data on Apple, Android, and Windows devices and continue interviewing even in signal blackspots.

New, powerful online and desktop Smart Reports enable researchers to distribute customised detailed reports including tailored narratives to a wide range of stakeholders. Stakeholders can be given logins to enable them to view online reports specialised to the viewer – for example, the manager of the northern division sees a report of northern activity where the manager of the southern division sees a report of southern activity.