Triple-S News

The three founder members of the Triple-S Group, Keith Hughes, Steve Jenkins and Geoff Wright have been elected as Lifetime Honorary Members of the Association for Survey Computing, ASC Lifetime Honorary Membership is awarded to a person or organisation considered to have made a significant contribution to the work of ASC or to the promotion of its principal objectives. For further details of Keith, Steve and Geoff click [here]

About the Triple-S Standard

The triple-s standard defines a means of transferring the key elements of entire surveys between different survey software packages across various hardware and software platforms. The ASC fully supports the standard.

The initial version of the triple-s standard (version 1.0) was devised by Keith Hughes, Stephen Jenkins and Geoff Wright, and published in 1994. The impetus was a paper by Peter Wills presented at the first ASC International Conference, held in Bristol in 1992. Since then, the standard has been enhanced and extended by the same group taking account of comments from implementers and users. The triple-s group currently consists of the three named above, plus Ed Ross, author of Quantum and co-founder of OpenSurvey, and Laurance Gerrard, of LG Consultants.

A paper was presented at the ASC conference in Edinburgh 1999 about the plans to implement the standard in XML, and the abstract is available here. A large number of packages worldwide now support the standard, which is freely available.

Version 1.2 of the XML standard was released in August 2002 and a converter from classic triple-s is available. Version 2 was released in June 2005.

In January 2008 the group received industry funding to develop a test suite for Triple-S files.

For more information about Triple-S and to download the standard click [here]