ASC 2011

ASC 2011 – International Conference, Bristol

Shifting the Boundaries of Research: Proceeding of the Sixth ASC International Conference

Edited by D. Birks et al. Published by ASC, Berkley, Glos, UK. ISBN 0 9546748 4 7

Compilation © 2011 Association for Survey Computing


Jeffrey Henning “Crowd Shaped Surveys: Adapting the Survey Experience Based on Prior Respondents” pp. 1-9

Engaging and nurturing credibility with participants

Alex Johnson and Guy Rolfe “Engagement, Consistency, Reach – Why the Technology Landscape Precludes All Three” pp. 10-19

Jon Puleston “Online Research – Game On!: A look at how gaming techniques can transform your online research” pp. 20 -50

Deborah Wilson and David F. Birks “The development of the KubeMatrix™ as a mobile app for Market Research Online Communities” pp. 51-64

Visual and cultural engagement: challenges and contributions

Maggie Little “The world goes social in 80 languages: Developments in language processing and the implications for market research” pp. 65-80

Engaging and nurturing credibility: the impact of survey modes

Ben Marks “Peanuts and Monkeys: Incentivisation and engagement in online access panels” pp. 81-89

Nicola Stanley and Stephen Jenkins “Optimus Modus: Comparing interviewing modes for visitor surveys” pp. 90-107

Improving the quality of achieved samples

Tony Dent “Probably the best bias in the world?” pp. 108-122

Andrew Grannell and Helen Murphy “Using Multiple Imputation to Adjust for Survey Nonresponse” pp. 123-139

Emergent thinking and techniques

Ken Parker “Probably the best bias in the world?” pp. 140-150

David Morgans “Using Multiple Imputation to Adjust for Survey Nonresponse” pp. 151-163

Capturing “meaning”, emerging challenges and contributions

Steve Taylor and Mike Trotman “Using Metadata for Reporting: XSLT beats Excel (and everyone lives happily ever after…)” pp. 164-176

Joan Corbett “Incorporating metadata standards into existing working practices – how can it be done?” pp. 177-184

Cristina Martelli “A linguistic approach to the construction of complex statistical information systems” pp. 185-202

Crafting richer participant “pictures”: Integrating data

Simon Atkinson and Sean Conry “The Old…And The New: The Great British Royal Weekend” pp. 203-226

Joe Murphy, Annice Hagood, Ashley Kim, Heather Richards, Cynthia Augustine, Larry Kroutil, and Adam Sage “Twitter Feeds and Google Search Query Surveillance: Can They Supplement Survey Data Collection?” pp. 227-245

Visual and design challenges for survey researchers

Ken Brewster “Dashboards: The new PowerPoint” pp. 246-258

Tim Macer “Making it fit: how survey technology providers are responding to the challenges of handling web surveys on mobile devices” pp. “ pp. 259

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