ASC 2007

ASC 2007 — International Conference, Southampton

The Challenges of a Changing World. Proceedings of the Fifth ASC International Conference

Edited by M. Trotman et al. Published by ASC, Berkley, Glos, UK. ISBN 0 9546748 2 0

Compilation © 2007 Association for Survey Computing



Malcolm Rigg “Affluence, Sustainability and Computing”, pp. 1-6

Mick P .Couper “Whither the Web: Web 2.0 and the Changing World of Web Surveys”, pp. 7-16

1. The Interview

Interview Context

Ineke Stoop “Survey data, context and event data”, pp. 17-28

Cornelia Zuell & Juliane Landmann “Reporting Societal Events to Facilitate the Interpretation of Survey Results”, pp. 29-38

Interview Modes

Aaron Pazurik & Mark Cameron “Survey Research in a Wireless World”, pp. 39-44

AJ Johnson, Jane Mills, Graham Davies “Exploring the concept of Web 2.0 in the future of online research”, pp. 45-54

Hugh Davis “Real-Time Sampling”, pp. 55-62

Web Interview Enhancements

Marek Fuchs & Frederik Funke “Multimedia Web Surveys: results from a field experiment on the use of audio and video clips in Web surveys”, pp. 63-80

Nicola Stanley & Stephen Jenkins “Watch what I do: Using graphical input controls in web surveys”, pp. 81-92


2. The Respondent

Response Rates

John Cooper “Factors Affecting Return Rates to On-Line Surveys”, pp. 93-102

John S. Lemon “Comparing the Effect of Reminder Intervals on Response Rates for Web Surveys”, pp. 103-111

Jelke Bethlehem & Ineke Stoop “Online Panels – A Theft of Paradigm?”, pp. 113-131

Respondent Privacy

Adam N. Joinson, Carina B. Paine, Tom Buchanan &Ulf-Dietrich Reips “Privacy, trust and self-disclosure to web-based surveys”, pp. 133-144

Eve-Marie Larsen “Using chat tools to perform evaluation interviews”, pp. 145

Respondent Types

Reg Baker & Theo Downes-Le Guin “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Ensuring Data Quality in Internet Panel. Samples”, pp. 157-165

Ineke Stoop, Josine Verhagen & Erik van Ingen “Increased fieldwork efforts, enhanced response rates, inefficient samples”, pp. 167-178

Joost Kappelhof “Problems with research among ethnic minorities in the Netherlands”, pp. 179-192

Response rates and Interviewing Mode

Heather Wardle & Chloe Robinson “Choosing web surveys: mode choices among Youth Cohort Study respondents”, pp. 193-202

Paul Smith, Charles Lound & Pete Brodie “What’s the time? Relations between interview periods and output periods in surveys”, pp. 203-212

3. The Data

Meta Data

Graham Hughes “The difficulty of understanding social survey questionnaires from the published documentation.”, pp. 213-222

Andrew Westlake “Whither Statistical Meta-data?”, pp. 223-240

Geoff Wright “Triple-S – The Broader Horizon”, pp. 241-246

Other Techniques

Joe Whittaker & Chung Kao “Weighted independence graphs for finite population surveys.”, pp. 247-258

Derek Bond & Elaine Ramsey “Going beyond the fence: Using projective techniques as survey tools to meet the challenges of bounded rationality”, pp. 259-269

Qualitiative Data and Analysis

Louise Corti “Qualitative Data Exchange: Methods and Tools”, pp. 271-273

Kandy Woodfield & William O’Connor “Framework and its role in increasing quality and transparency in the analysis of qualitative data, a fresh solution”, pp. 275-283

David Birks “XSight and the shaping of Marketing Analytics”, pp. 285-296

Other Perspectives

Nick Read “Is Quanvert here to stay?”, pp. 297-308

Hugh Neffendorf “Surveys and Technology – Polishing the Crystal Ball”, pp. 309-316

4. The Software

Management Systems

Adi Cohen “Case study of a large organization’s transformation of its web interview capabilities.”, pp. 317-331

Tim Brandwood “Utopia: A Complete Research Management System”, pp. 333-343

Software Tools

Andrew J. Smith “The Challenge of Geocoding Large Scale Travel Surveys”, pp. 345-352

Fida Hussain, Craig H. McLaren, Nigel Stuttard “Use of Seasonal Adjustment Software within the Office for National Statistics”, pp. 353-363

Lauren Courtney, Emily Warmoth, Margaret Rodan, Kathy Katz, Siva Subramanian &Michele Kiely “New Technologies and Tools for Study Management: Designing, Implementing and Maintaining a Web-Based Data Management System for a Multi-Site Longitudinal Intervention Study”, pp. 365

Other Software Issues

Stephen Jenkins “Knitting Patterns: for interview and analysis”, pp. 381-390

Paul Sampson & Peter Wills “The Software Licence Agreement: Friend or Foe?.”, pp. 391-400