ASC 2005

ASC 2005 – Methods Conference

Maximising Data Value: Data Use & Re-Use

Proceedings of an ASC Conference on Survey Research Methods
Newland Park, 15-16 September 2005

Organised by The Association for Survey Computing (ASC), The Market Research Society (MRS), The Office for National Statistics (ONS) and The Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

Editors: R. Kahn et al. ISBN: 0 9546748 0 4

Compilation © 2005 Association for Survey Computing

Process integration

Karen Dunnell “Towards a Single Continuous Population Survey for the UK”, pp. 3-12

Allyson Seyb “Statistics New Zealand’s Longitudinal Business Frame “, pp. 13-24

Philip Cookson & Jason Sobell “Architectural Design of a Survey Questionnaire and Respondent Data Repository. Practical Considerations “, pp. 25-36

Kevin Wavell “The Role Of Software As A Value Added Tool in Survey Research “, pp. 37-46

Methodology And Software For Complex Models

Nicky Best , Chris Jackson & Sylvia Richardson “Modelling Complexity in Health and Social Sciences. Bayesian Graphical Models as a Tool for Combining Multiple Sources of Information “, pp. 49-62

William J. Browne “MCMC Estimation for Random Effect Modelling. The MLwiN Experience “, pp. 63-72

Danny Pfeffermann , Bénédicte Terryn & Fernando Moura “Small Area Estimation under a Two-Part Random Effects Model with Application to Estimation of Literacy in Developing Countries”, pp. 73-86

David Curtis & Ayoub Saei “EBLUP-type Estimation of Local Authority Unemployment”, pp. 87-95

Models For Data, Metadata And Knowledge

Andrew Westlake “Combining Data and Knowledge in Models. Promises and Problems”, pp. 99-122

V.S. Chalasani And K.W. Axhausen “A Conceptual Model for Integrating Transport and Spatial Data”, pp. 123-135

Phil Edwards, Karen Clarke & Judith Aldridge “Mind the Gap. Metadata in e-Social Science”, pp. 137-142

Ken Miller, Ekkehard Mochmann & Jostein Ryssevik “European Unification through Initiative”, pp. 143-151

Multi-Mode And Multi-Source Surveys

George H. Terhanian “Multi-Mode Research and Data Linkage. Theoretical and Practical Advice”, pp. 155-168

Reg Baker “Adding Value to Data Through Improved Access. The Case for Web Portals”, pp. 169-178

Margaret Ward & Clifford Dive “Making Existing Data Re-Usable. The Requirements of a Web-enabled Tool”, pp. 179-182