ASC 2003

ASC 2003 — International Conference, Warwick

The Impact of Technology on the Survey Process: Proceedings of the Fourth ASC International Conference

Edited by R. Banks et al. Published by ASC, Berkley, Glos, UK.  ISBN: 0 9521682 9 4

Compilation © 2013 Association for Survey Computing


Norman Glass “How Much Can Technology Help Research?” pp. 1-10

David Pullinger “Official Statistics and Their Place in Democracy” pp. 11-20

Peter Mouncey “Defending the Defensible. Protecting the Status of Survey Research” pp. 21-32

Organisational Behaviour

Garj Basi “Data Processing. Facing the Challenge in a Commercial Market Research Agency” pp. 33-42

Polly P. Armsby,Michael W. Link, Robert Hubal, Curry I. Guinn, Laura Flicker, Rachel A. Caspar “Accessibility and Acceptance of a Virtual Respondent-Based Interviewer Training Application” pp. 43-54

Tim Burrell “First Steps along the Audit Trail” pp. 55-62

Karen Barrie “The Survey Process in the Digital Age. Factors Limiting Transfer of Technology and Know-How. A European Research Perspective” pp. 63–1

Howard Hogan & Ellen Soper “Software Process Improvement Efforts at the US Census Bureau. Experience of the Economic Directorate” pp. 73-84

Survey Development

Paddy Costigan &Steve Elder “Does the Questionnaire Implement the Specification? Who Knows?” pp. 85-96

Tony Manners “The Impact of Computer-Assisted Interviewing (CAI) on the Survey Process for Social Surveys in the Office for National Statistics (ONS)” pp. 97-108

Simon Musgrave “The Metadata Dynamic. Ensuring Data has a Long and Healthy Life” pp. 109-120

James C.Witte & Roy P. Pargas “The OnQ Survey Database System. Architecture and Implementation” pp. 121-132

Defeng Ma, Joanne Lamb, Adam Taylor “Developing a Software Suite for Intelligent Questionnaires. Interoperability and Standards “ pp. 133-144

Adam Taylor & Defeng Ma “The QDT. A New Tool For The Future Of Questionnaire Design” pp. 145-154

Survey Software

Keith Hughes “Batch Tabulation. A Premature Obituary” pp. 155-160

John Lyon “Using Mainstream Standards for Survey Tabulation and Reporting” pp. 161-168

Geoff Wright “triple-s. Managing Success” pp. 169-172

Daniela Giorgetti, Irina Prodanof, Fabrizio Sebastiani “Automatic Coding of Open-Ended Surveys Using Text Categorization Techniques” pp. 173-184

Stephen Jenkins & Tony Solomonides “Active Prototypes. Modelling Survey Metadata” pp. 185-194

Paul Quinn & Leonid Sokolovsky “Write Global, Run Local. Software Design Issues For Global Data Collection” pp. 195-206

Hans Stol “Supercollect. A Data Capture System Using an Electronic Network” pp. 207-216

Mark Cameron &John Weisberg “Building Standard-Based Survey Software” pp. 217-224

Louis Tanguay “First Installation of a Virtual CATI Phone Room with Full Telephony Integration” pp. 225-230

Survey Modalities

Tim Macer “We Seek Them Here, We Seek Them There. How Technical Innovation in Mixed Mode Survey Software is Responding to the Challenge of Finding Elusive Respondents” pp. 231-242

Martyn Warren & Sarah Skerratt “Visiting Rural ‘Virtual Villages’ Through Email Surveys and Online Ethnography” pp. 243-254

Marit Killi &Åse Nossum “Internet-Based Stated Preference Surveys. Studies in Traffic Information and Public Transport” pp. 255-266

Mike Cooke, Anders Nielsen, Colin Strong “The Use of SMS as a Research Tool” pp. 267-276

Joel Down & Simon Duke “SMS Polling. A Methodological Review” pp. 277-286

Peter Thomas “Data Collection Initiatives and Business Surveys in the Office for National Statistics” pp. 287-296

Rebecca Gatward “Interviewing Children Using Audio-CASI (Computer Assisted Self Interviewing)” pp. 297-308

Neil Macdonald & Gillian Elam “Impact of CASI on a Survey Among Gay and Bi-Sexual Men Using Sexual Health Clinics in the UK” pp. 309-316

Vesa Kuusela “Mobile Phones and Telephone Survey Methods” pp. 317-328

Dan Coates “The Gold Standard Tarnishes. Is Online Research the Solution?” pp. 329-332

The Effectiveness of the Internet

Frederick G. Conrad,Mick P. Couper, Roger Tourangeau, Andy Peytchev “Effectiveness of Progress Indicators in Web Surveys. It’s What’s Up Front that Counts” pp. 333-342

Mick P. Couper, Frederick G. Conrad, Roger Tourangeau “The Effect of Images on Web Survey Responses” pp. 343-350

Jerold Pearson & Roger A. Levine “Salutations and Response Rates to Online Surveys” pp. 351-362

Paula Devine &Katrina Lloyd “Northern Ireland in 3D. Data, Dissemination and Discovery” pp. 363-370

Leonard Bayer &Peter Milla “Successfully Delivering Technology for Online Research” pp. 371-376

Data Dissemination

Barry Schouten “Remote Access of Microdata” pp. 377-384

Jerome P. Reiter &Christine N. Kohnen “Generalized Linear Model Diagnostics for Remote Access Servers” pp. 385-394

Steve Harris “Apples and Pears. Techniques for Integrating Information” pp. 395-404

Barry Schouten “The Impact of a Data Warehouse on the Survey Process” pp. 405-384

Jerome P. Reiter Christine N. Kohnen “Generalized Linear Model Diagnostics for Remote Access Servers” pp. 385-394

Steve Harris “Apples and Pears. Techniques for Integrating Information” pp. 395-404

Mickey Yost “The Impact of a Data Warehouse on the Survey Process” pp. 405-412