MRS Fair Data

The MRS Fair Data Initiative

Trust is critical to any successful business, but it is fundamental to the research and data analytics sector. It is under threat.

Fair Data is the world’s first consumer Trustmark,  identifying an organisation’s public commitment to the ethical use of personal data. It is supported by the Information Commissioner and parliamentarians who recognise that the public require a simple and recognisable badge in order to know who can be trusted with their data .

Like Intel, Lycra ,Teflon and Fairtrade, the Fair Data Mark recognises that supplier quality and ethical management of the supply chain are  integral to any brand with a responsible public profile.

Fair Data is risk-based and simple. Understanding that technology outstrips regulation, the Fair Data Initiative recognises existing technical standards, but supports those who believe that personal data handling is not just an IT security matter. Accredited MRS companies can join instantly.

The MRS asks that you should support this initiative and join Fair Data if you are:

  • Serious about building confidence in the use of personal data in research and analytics.
  • Recognise that trust is a public matter and important to sustainable business.
  • Understand that consumers need clear badges of commitment and never read the small print.
  • Believe that the quality of the supply chain needs safeguarding and recognition.
  • … or, if you merely want to support  60 years of successful self regulation  and avoid more imposed external bureaucracy if at all possible!

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