AGM 2013

Minutes of the ASC Annual General Meeting

Saturday 7th September 2013 9.40am

University of Winchester

1              Apologies for Absence

Raz Khan, Treasurer.

2              Minutes of last Annual General Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted. Proposed by Ed Ross and seconded by Steve Taylor.

3              Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4              Report from the Chairman of the Executive Committee – Peter Wills

ASC’s Annual General Meetings over the years have been incredibly short, partly due to the efforts of Laurance Gerrard, our secretary. Unfortunately, Laurance has now retired from the committee and we all thank him for his efforts over the years. The post of secretary has now passed to Garj Basi, and we’ll leave him to decide whether he’ll take a slower approach to proceedings at the AGM.

Our talented events sub-committee have planned and executed yet more one-day conferences and this weekend’s event at Winchester is another conference variation, with a terrific selection of speakers on some of the current issues within the industry. The sub-committee of Raz Khan, Tim Macer, David Birks and Randy Banks now includes Pat Molloy. AJ Johnson continues to be on the main committee but currently has a heavy workload in his new role at GfK.

I would like to thank the members of the committee, all of whom have busy lives but give their timely freely to help with the running of the ASC. I would also like to thank Christine Jenkins who works tirelessly as our administrator and ensures the smooth operation behind the scenes.

5              Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of the Annual Accounts – Raz Khan

The accounts for the year ended 30th April 2013 are shown at the bottom of this document.

6              Election to the Executive Committee – Garj Basi

The current executive committee consists of the following (with the year of their last election)

Elected Members Last Elected
Pat Molloy, Independent 2009
Garj Basi, Kantar Operations (Secretary) 2009
Tim Macer, Meaning Ltd 2009
Steve Taylor, We Work With Data 2009
A.J Johnson, GfK 2009
David Birks, University of Winchester 2011
Rebecca Cole, Cobalt Sky 2011
Mike Trotman, Lucidence Ltd 2011
Ed Ross, Teleosys 2011
Peter Wills, Snap Surveys (Chair) 2011
Randy Banks, University of Essex 2012
Raz Khan, Cobalt Sky (Treasurer) 2012

The following members of the executive committee were required to seek re-election under paragraph 7.1 of the constitution:

Pat Molloy, Independent 2009
Garj Basi, Kantar Operations (Secretary) 2009
Tim Macer, Meaning Ltd 2009
Steve Taylor, We Work With Data 2009
A.J Johnson, GfK 2009

The above-listed members were declared duly elected. Proposed by John Lemon and seconded by Randy Banks.

Written nominations for other candidates by post or email had to be received by Friday 30th August 2013. The candidate must have indicated willingness to stand in writing by the same date. Nominees may supply an election statement in support of their candidature.

Nominations received

Betty Adamou, Research through Gaming

“I am extremely pleased to have been nominated to be part of ASC Committee.
As a ResearchGame™ designer, and the CEO and Founder of what is primarily a software company specialising in creating Games for Research, I hope that my knowledge of software systems, game design, research and my personal artistic nature can aid the ASC and its conferences into pushing the envelope even further in the increasingly seamless relationship between technology, data and research, but also with another key element: creativity.

I hope that my past history as a designer, artist and traditional researcher along with my knowledge of ResearchGame design/development with emerging software and hardware systems compliments the team, who have a wide range of talents and experience. You will see a difference in the ASC conferences in the future but the fundamental roots will remain the same: to educate people of all levels on the ever evolving landscape of research.”

Chris Morgan, Founder and Managing Director, Data Liberation

Chris Morgan has been working within the Market Research industry for over 15 years, working both with corporate clients and research agencies.  He is the founder and Managing Director of Data Liberation the creators of Instant Intelligence Reporting, the only self-service web based reporting and dashboarding tool that uses respondent level data.  Chris is passionate about data and strives to enlighten both young and more mature researchers about new and innovative ways in which research data can be exploited and made available to the widest audience possible.

Chris has been working in IT for over 30 years, firstly in his native New Zealand and then in the UK after moving here more than 20 years ago.  Chris started back in the days of mainframes with flashing lights and punch cards and finds some of the skills he learnt back then are still quite relevant today, attention to detail and not relying on bigger fast hardware to solve performance problems.

The two nominated members were declared duly elected. Proposed by Garj Basi and seconded by Jerome Sopocko

7              Any Other Business

There was no other business

 ASC Profit and Loss Account for year ending 30 April 2013  


Position at 30 April 2013 – Year end




2013   2012   2011   2010





April 2010 conference


September 2010 conference


International conference 2011


April 2012 conference


September 2012 conference


April 2013 conference







Technology award entry fees





MRS Evening meetings contribution





MRS Awards Dinner




Bank interest










Total income












April 2010 conference


September 2010 conference


International Conference 2011


April 2012 conference


September 2012 conference


April 2013 conference







Administration expenses





Committee expenses





Evening meetings





Technology award





Marketing/PR consultancy





Total expenditure









Profit/Loss on activities









Bank balance @ 30 April 2013