AGM 2012

Minutes of the ASC Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 25th September 2012 13.30

Imperial College, London

1              Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies for absence.

2              Minutes of last Annual General Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted. Proposed by Keith Hughes and seconded by Beverley Rowe.

3              Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4              Report from the Chairman of the Executive Committee – Peter Wills

The Chairman stated that last year’s AGM was held midway through the highly successful International Conference in Bristol. The AGM may have been memorable as being the shortest in history at around four minutes. The conference was also memorable by the fact that it was well supported and contained so many terrific papers, a number of which were later published in other journals.

The International Conference was planned and executed by a talented sub-committee within the ASC and it has since been decided that the same principle will be used to organise the one-day conferences which are held every six months.

The Chairman thanked the committee, all of whom give up their time freely to help with the running of the ASC. He also thanked the ASC Administrator, Christine Jenkins.

The Chairman announced the retirement of Laurance Grrard from the committee after his many years of service, including both as Chairman and more recently as Secretary. He will be missed by all on the committee and especially his attempts at breaking the speed record for the shortest AGM in history.

5              Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of the Annual Accounts – Raz Khan

The Treasurer stated that overall the organisation is in good shape financially. The accounts for the year ended 30thApril 2012 are shown at the bottom of this document.

6              Election to the Executive Committee – Laurance Gerrard

The following members of the executive committee were required to seek re-election under paragraph 7.1 of the constitution:

Randy Banks, Essex University 2008
Raz Khan, Cobalt Sky (Treasurer) 2008

No other nominations were received and therefore the above-listed members were declared duly elected. Proposed by Beverley Rowe and seconded by Garj Basi

7              Any Other Business

Beverley Rowe proposed a vote of thanks to the committee. Raz Khan proposed a vote of thanks to Laurance Gerrard for all his work as a member of the committee.


ASC   Profit and Loss Account for year ending 30 April 2012
Position   at 30 April 2012




April 2010 conference income


September 2010 conference income


International conference 2011 income


April 2012 conference income


Membership income




Technology award entry fees




MRS Evening meetings contribution




MRS Awards Dinner



Bank interest








Total income




April 2010 conference costs


September 2010 conference costs


International Conference 2011 costs


April 2012 conference costs






Administration expenses




Committee expenses




Evening meetings




Technology award costs




Marketing/PR consultancy




Total expenditure




Profit/Loss on activities




Bank balance @ 30 April 2012