Conference Papers

Papers can be viewed in PDF format from the links below.

Thursday morning
  • KEYNOTE: Zoe Dowling, FocusVision – Bit by Bit: the never-ending journey of research technology. Presentation (PDF)
  • Tim Macer and Sheila Wilson, meaning – Just what has technology done for research, and where is it leading? Paper (PDF)  | Presentation (Prezi)
  • Ian Ralph and Jo Franklin, Marketing Sciences Unlimited – Passively Measuring the Digital Lives of Today’s Consumers. Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PPT)
  • Paul Waruszynski, Office for National Statistics, UK – Online self-identification of occupation for the 2021 Census for England and Wales. Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PPT)
  • Geoffrey Roughton and Iain Mackay, X-MR – Are interviews costing £0.08 a waste of money? Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PPT)
  • Mark James and Steve Taylor, d.fferento/ogy and We Work With Data – F2Data: Facing up to the Challenge of Facial Coding. Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PPT)
Thursday afternoon
Friday morning
  • Ian Roberts and Emile Bakker, NEBU –  Re-embedding Market Research into the Business Decision making process. Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PPT)
  • Steven Debaere, Sophie van Neck, Tom de Ruyk and Kristof Coussement, InSites Consulting & IÉSEG School of Management – Minority Report in Market Research Online Communities: The future can be seen, member disengagement can be prevented. Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PPT)
  • Michalis A. Michael, DigitalMR – Text Analytics for Social Media Customer Insights. Paper (PDF) |Presentation (PPT)
  • Jillian Ney, Strathclyde University – Social media analysis tools Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF)
Friday afternoon
  • Daniel Wain and Malcolm Rigg: Are you sitting comfortably? Telling the story behind the findings to add value and impact. Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PPT)
  • Mark S Fox, University of Toronto – An Ontology for Representing and Publishing Surveys. Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF)
  • Alexander Skorka – From overcoming implementation barriers to ensuring sustainability long term – a practical guide to dashboards. Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PPT)

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