September 2012 Presentations

Funky Data: working with unconventional data in surveys and research

Imperial College, London, Tuesday 25 September 2012.

The following papers/presentations are available for you to download.

Morning session
Welcome and opening remarks by conference chair
Tim Macer, meaning ltd
Paper 1 “Social media storms” [pdf] Andy Morris and Hannah Perry (YouGov)
Paper 2 “Online surveys 2.0” [pdf] Raymond Elferink (RayCom bv)
Paper 3 “The Human Edge of Data” [pdf] Tom Ewing (Brainjuicer)
Paper 4 “Social Media Mining: what is it good for? And when is it good enough?” [pdf] Nick Buckley (SoShall Consulting)
Afternoon session
Paper 5 “The evolution of the 360 degree mobile community” [pdf] AJ Johnson (Brainjuicer)
Paper 6 “Automatic Verbatim Classification and Quantification via Machine Learning” [PDF] Fabrizio Sebastian (ISTI-CNR)
 Paper 7 “Integrating facial coding and survey responses” [pdf] Sarah Walker (Millward Brown)
Panel discussion
Closing remarks by conference chair Tim Macer