Satisfaction Guaranteed? The Challenges of Automation in Survey Research

Thursday 11th May 2017
ORT House, 126 Albert Street, London, NW1 7NE

Conference chair: Randy Banks

Morning session

Keynote Address: The Challenges of Automation in Survey Research
Colin Strong, Ipsos MORI
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R you Automated: Using R to automate the workflow in the Market Research Industry
Ian Roberts, Nebu
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Automation: Paradiso, Purgatorio or Inferno?
John McConnell and Dale Chant, Red Centre Software
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Welcome to the Machine
Jérôme Sopoçko, Askia and Chris Davison, KPMG Nunwood
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A Working Example of How to Use Artificial Intelligence To Automate and Transform Surveys Into Customer Feedback Conversations
Simon Neve, Wizu/Fusion Soft
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Announcement of the launch of Triple-S version 3.0
Pat Molloy, The Triple-S Group
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Not all Data Exports are equal: Automating data outputs to meet ever increasing demands
James Eldridge and Andrej Stefanovic  Research Now
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Coding open ended text: The rise of the coding robots?
Tim Brandwood and Damien Gouriet, Digital Taxonomy
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Automating the analysis of data and report production
Torben Laustsen, OfficeReports and Arthur Fletcher, DataPogo
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How can we discuss automation in a world where we’re still exchanging data in SAV files?
Steve Taylor, We Work With Data
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