Conference Presentations

Think Opportunity! Smart Research Technology for Cost-Conscious Times
Friday 27th April, Imperial College, London, UK

Keynote: Developments and the impact of smart research technology
Tim Macer

Getting more value out of software through extensibility
Tim Brandwood, TBL Systems/Network Research

What does the digital world offer research?
Mark Hirst, CIE, Watermelon

From offline to online: Retaining quality while   transferring an established survey
Sumran Kaul, Ofcom, Tim Barber and Dave Chilvers, BDRC   Continental

Develop it yourself and the empowerment of the cloud
Clayton Fussell and Elke Kagerer, RS Consulting Ltd

Automated reporting does not have to mean compromising on quality!
Dean Crawley, Manager, Ipsos MORI Data Delivery and Vishen Thumbadoo, Senior Reporting Analyst, Ipsos MORI Data Delivery

Panel Session; The cost vs. quality challenges of  automated reporting.Format – 2 x 10 minute presentations, followed by questions and debate Chaired by AJ Johnson

Presentation 1: Smart Reporting – adding value by improving outputs
Stephen Jenkins, Managing Director and Ed Hockey, Senior Researcher, Snap Surveys Ltd

Presentation 2: The evolution of mTABView – some   learnings in how to make regular market research reporting and presentation more efficient for the larger enterprise
Derek Watkinson, General Manager, Gamma Associates Ltd

Intuitive survey management and effective data analysis made easier, quicker and cheaper
Andy Madeley, Owner/Director Swiss Peaks and Colin Wilding, Freelance Consultant

Walking the Talk: Co-creating the future of online research communities
Tom De Ruyck, Head of Research Communities, Thomas Troch, Senior Research Innovator, InSites Consulting