Evening Meetings

Evening meetings

The evenings are free to attend for ASC and MRS members.

Some meetings are also open to non-members. Please bear in mind that some companies take out corporate membership so you may already be an unwitting member. If you have any doubts please contact us

Next ASC / MRS Evening Meeting

Debate: “Automation in MR: Existential Threat or Great Opportunity?”

Tuesday 25th April 2017 6pm
Doggett’s Coat & Badge, 1 Blackfriars Bridge, Southwark SE1 9UD

As part of our Automation theme for 2017, the ASC is pleased to announce that it will be holding an informal debate on the topic.

The bar opens at 6pm and the debate will run from 6.30 until 7.30. It will be followed by food buffet offering a great opportunity for socialising and networking with colleagues.

The broad topic will be “Automation in MR: Existential Threat or Great Opportunity?”.

The evening will be chaired by Pat Molloy of the ASC, and we have an excellent line-up of speakers to help us on our way. All of them are accomplished thought-leaders and conference presenters and each has impressive credentials in the MR Industry.

Speaking broadly in favour of automation we have Stephen Phillips,  CEO of ZappiStore and Jerome Sopocko, the founder of Askia.

And speaking broadly against we have Jon Puleston, VP of Innovation at Lightspeed Research and  Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer of System 1 Group.

Whilst we will not be sticking to the formal debate structure, the idea is to stimulate discussion over a few drinks and networking.

Where do you stand?

Is Automation/ AI/ Machine learning over-hyped?
Is it even relevant to Market Research?
Surely automated robots cannot take over creative/interpretive jobs in Market Research!
Surely they can and will!
What is the state of progress anyway ? Can we see any clear threats or opportunities yet?
Just because Google DeepMind can play “Go” really well, how is that relevant to MR? Or is it?
Which companies should we be watching?

There are just *some* of the really fascinating questions we’ll hope to be discussing. Come and have your say!

The evening is free to attend for ASC and MRS members. If you’ve not come to an ASC event before, please come along to see what we’re all about and join up!

Places are limited so if you would like to come please contact Christine Jenkins admin@asc.org.uk as soon as possible, stating your membership status (ASC, MRS or first time attendee).

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