Forthcoming events from around the world which may be of interest to ASC members or anyone with an interest in research or survey-related technology.

Thursday 3rd August 2017 10am or 5pm CET (45 minutes)

Free Nebu Webinar

Market Research 2.0: The new methodology of dealing with multiple data sources

hosted by Ian Roberts of Nebu


Friday 10th November 2017

One-day Conference for SPSS Users

Presentations & Courses Details (including a booking form) are at http://www.spssusers.co.uk/Events/2017/index.html

CONTACT: Peter Watson (peter.watson@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk)


Nebu R-scripting courses

The training is designed for market researchers, and data analysts experienced with SPSS, looking for automation of research projects, and broader data-processing and analytical capabilities to make their projects more efficient.

For further information about R please seeĀ https://www.nebu.com/r-training


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