Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Technology Innovation and Effectiveness Award

Entries for the award will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Innovation in the application of technology to support any aspect of the practice of market, opinion or social research. This innovation may be through the development of new technology, or improvements to existing technology. Similarly the innovation may be through development or improvement of techniques or methodologies based on technology.
  • Effectiveness, as experienced by substantial improvements being enjoyed by the beneficiaries of the technology. This may include improvements to the quality or usefulness of the research being delivered, the efficiency or reliability of the research process, or other improvements that provide measurable benefits or advantages to consumers of research.
  • Applicability, so that others may benefit from this innovation. That aspects of the solution provided may be widely or universally applicable to research and available for others to implement or develop, or that the motivations and processes behind the technology are available as an inspiration to others.
  • Design quality, in that the technology and any user interfaces are designed to a high standard, consider fully the needs of those who will use the technology and offer an efficient, clear and reliable solution.

In reaching a decision, the judging panel will also take into consideration the following:

  • an approach consistent with research best practice, professional standards and ethics;
  • an approach consistent with technological best practice and industry standards;
  • a commitment to open interfaces, open standards or open source software.¬†

Breakthrough Innovation Award

Entries for the award will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • This award recognises the potential impact of cutting edge technology innovation
  • Technology must already be in development with a business plan and funding place (I.E it must be more than just an idea)
  • Where possible user endorsements or case studies should be included