Information for Applicants

Information for Applicants

If you wish to enter your technology for the award, we will need you to complete our entry form as fully as possible, paying particular attention to the instructions regarding the level and amount of information required. Your entry must be submitted by email in electronic format, preferably as a Word or PDF document. Please contact us in advance if you wish to submit your entry or any supplementary material in any other formats.

Your completed entry form must be sent to the ASC to arrive by the deadline shown below. We will notify all applicants, upon receipt of the entry form, to confirm that the information provided is complete. Contact us urgently if you have not received an acknowledgement by email.

Although we will ask for referees for the judges to contact, we will only make further contact if the application becomes one of the finalists to be announced at the ASC Conference. As noted above, the first round of selection, for the short list of nomination, will be based entirely upon the written submission. It is therefore important that you provide as much information as possible, and include a detailed endorsement from the users, clients or beneficiaries of the software. As the award is for technology effectiveness, this information is essential.

If you wish to provide any supporting documentation, such as screenshots or client testimonials, please ensure these are relevant to the information you provide on the form.

If you have any questions relating to entry procedures, conditions or the award criteria, please contact the ASC administrator, Christine Jenkins by email at

Please send your completed entry form by email to the ASC at with the subject “Award Entry Form” to arrive no later than Friday 26th August 2016.