Do we have to pay a fee to enter?

A fee of £295 per entry is charged to cover the administration costs of the award. Payment can be made by credit card or BACS. Full details of how to pay can be found at the beginning and end of the online entry form.

Do we have to be members of the ASC or the MRS to enter?

No. We do not take this into consideration, though we encourage you to consider membership of either or both, because we are sure you will find membership to be of great benefit to you, if you have developed software in this field.

We entered in a previous year. Can we enter again?

Yes, though we expect to see a fresh submission and a different client reference. We have had several entries resubmitted, and one winner that was a finalist in a previous year.

We are on the other side of the world. Do we have to come to London for the demo?

ASC is an international association and we welcome entries from all countries. It is only if you are a finalist that we will ask you to provide a demo and this demo can take place by webinar.

How independent are the judges? I do not want to be giving away our best ideas to our competitors.

Judges are selected on the basis that they are knowledgeable about technology and are neutral. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that there is no conflict of interest by seeking declarations from all judges, and have substituted other judges on several occasions when a potential conflict was identified. Judges also undertake to observe the absolute confidentiality of any information provided. ASC never makes any comment on the winners or entrants beyond the published award citations.

Is the award only open to software companies and commercially available products?

No. We welcome entries from software creators who are not necessarily commercial software providers – this could be in-house developers within a research organisation, open source developers and collaborators, or those who have developed a custom application for one client, though we will want to see how the application could be beneficial and/or inspirational to a wider user base.

Is the award only open to software specifically written for a survey or research application?

No. The application of the software you present meets the award criteria and is relevant to market, opinion or social research, but it does not need to be an application created exclusively for research.

What if I miss the deadline?

We guarantee to consider all entries received by the deadline. If you have missed it by a very small number of days, you should contact us immediately to establish whether a late submission is still possible. We cannot guarantee this will be possible and strongly recommend early preparation.

How formal is the dinner?

It is a black tie dinner, so it is pretty formal. For gentlemen, that is a dinner jacket (Tuxedo or a ‘smoking’ jacket), and for ladies, elegant evening wear or for both, national dress.

What is the prize for the winners?

The winners receive a striking etched glass trophy to keep, a framed certificate and the entitlement to use the Award Winner logo on publicity.

What if I cannot provide a reference or case study on the application of the technology?

Having a good case study or user endorsement is an advantage but not essential as we appreciate this might not be possible for earlier stage technology innovation.  But please note, a user endorsement can come from an internal user.

How many guests can I bring to the dinner?

If you are a finalist, the ASC will provide you with one ticket to join the ASC table. You are welcome to bring guests to the dinner, but you will need to purchase tickets for them from the MRS and they will be seated at a different table. The event tends to sell out each year, so we advise you book early for any guests.

What do the runners-up get?

Finalists are presented with framed certificates and are entitled to use the Award Finalist logo in their publicity.