About the 2018 Award

About the 2018 Award: Best Technology Innovation

The Best Technology Innovation award is for outstanding and innovative applications of software or technology in the market, opinion or social research industry.

The award is given for research technology innovation already proven, or early stage breakthrough technology that shows great potential to make a substantial impact within the industry in the near future.

The award is open to any individual, group of individuals or companies that consider the technology developed meets the entry criteria described. For the purposes of the award, technology will be considered to include, but not be limited to, any computer software, platform, infrastructure, app, methodology or device that has been specifically developed or adapted for use in a research situation.

A fee of £295 is required for a software or technology to be entered into the award. More than one software or technology can be entered by paying an additional entry fee.

Judging Process

An experienced panel of judges, appointed by the ASC and approved by the MRS, will determine the winners.

Judging for the award will take place in two stages. In the first stage, entries should complete the online award entry form explaining the technology innovation, why it was developed, and what makes it a winning innovation. The finalists will be announced on the ASC website on Monday 1st October 2018. The second stage of judging will take place in October to select the winner. During this time the judges may follow-up with further questions for the finalists.

Each finalist will be invited to join the ASC table at the MRS dinner and awards ceremony in London on Monday 3rd December. The winner of the award will be announced and the award presented during the evening.

Entrants should complete the online entry form.